FusionGarage’s JooJoo Tablet Will Ship End of February

Been waiting for your gadget itching hands to lay its fingers on the iPad? Why not get the JooJoo tablet instead? A contender worthy enough of your hard earned $499.

The JooJoo tablet was announced last year bearing the CrunchPad name. However, due to some legal problems, it was renamed to JooJoo from the original African word joujou that means magical object. But what could be inside this magical object?

The JooJoo has a 12″1 screen that occupies the whole front of the gadget. It has a glass screen with capacitive multi-touch capability for accurate finger actions and gestures. The processor is a 1.6GHz Atom which is sufficient to run all the web applications and play 1080p quality videos. Unlike the iPad, JooJoo supports Flash 10.1 and Java which means you can experience the full rich multimedia content that the internet has - i.e. Mafia Wars, FarmVille, and Pet Society. This tablet computer doesn’t run Windows or a version of Android OS. It uses a WebKit based operating system that is similar to Safari and Chrome web browser; making operations fast and respond quickly.

JooJoo internet tablet only weighs 2.4lbs or 1.1kg. It can last 5 hours of internet surfing and has camera for video conferencing. Other handy components are the speakers, 3.5mm audio port, USB port, accelerometer and ambient light sensor.

The drawback? Its concept of pure internet tablet. Because of this, you cannot really store pictures or videos on the device for playback. This justifies the lack of need for a bigger drive space than the 4GB SSD drive. It is expected that by the end of February, FusionGarage will start fulfilling pre-orders.

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