Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T580 – Type, Write or Touch

Life is full of choices and that’s what the new Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T580 is all about. The new LIFEBOOK T580 features a multitude of choices for inputs that ranges from the classic keyboard, a pen, or simply your touch. And it sports not just any ordinary touch screen, but 4-finger multiple touch screen that is capable of operating and manipulating on screen objects with up to four fingers simultaneously. Using your finger motions, you can double-tap, scroll, zoom, and rotate any objects on the display.

The T580 uses a flexible rotatable 10.1-inch display that’s perfect for working on the go. It also features a built-in GPS so that finding your way around when you’re on the move will be as easy as few taps on the screen. Connectivity on the go is also not an issue; the T580 can be outfitted with an optional unlimited connectivity using embedded 3G/UMTS. And like any good notebook, it’s not a burden to carry around – weighing only 1.4 kg.

The Fujitsu LifeBook T580 can accommodate up to Intel Core i5 series processors making it more tailor-fitted to the needs of the customer. To maximize productivity and personalization options, the new Fujitsu notebook comes with genuine Windows 7 Professional operating system. Other unique features of the Lifebook T580 include Advanced Theft Protection or the fingerprint sensor and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED display according to the current lighting condition.

More Fujitsu LifeBook tablet options here.

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