Freescale Smartbook with New Tablet Design

So you want something that perfectly blends the outstanding attributes of smarthpones and notebook PCs? It’s time that you try Freescale’s second-generation smartbook. You surely will fall in love with this new gizmo as it offers an ideal combination of portability, performance, and battery life.

The Freescale Semiconductor has revealed the future of the world’s smartbook category. It comes with a reference design that features a 7-inch touch screen LCD. That’s almost four times the viewing area of an ordinary smartphone, right? This gadget employs advanced ARM processor technology and delivers instant-on functionality, remarkable connectivity, as well as long battery life.

The solution is created based on the company’s highly integrated 1GHz i.MX515 processor which includes ARM Cortex A8 technology. It also incorporates Freescale’s MC13892 power management IC, SGTL5000 audio codec, as well as the MMA8450Q 3-axis accelerometer. The said solution is formulated to assist OE manufacturers set off creation of smartbook tablets. According to the senior vice president of Sales and Marketing for Freescale, this new tablet gives way to a new world of compelling form factors particularly designed and optimized to support usual online activities like social media, first-rate audio/video playback, and light gaming.

Such tablet comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and takes pride in offering a 3D desktop framework with touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard support. Offered as enticing options are 3G modem and RF4CE protocol. Among the smartbook platform applications that will be run on the tablet are a web browser which includes Adobe Flash Player and multimedia plug-ins; a media center; PDF and image viewers; an RSS reader and many others.

There’s now an ongoing evaluation of this smartbook reference design. For the meantime, you can check out the wide range of notebooks available at Amazon.

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