Ford Sync: Your Friendly Road Buddy

Some traditional drivers may not like the new car innovations that give more abilities to vehicles and reduce the tasks that drivers have to handle while on the road, saying that such things produce irresponsible drivers. However, we must all admit that there are times when drivers are distracted or simply tired to pay attention to a lot more things other than the road. Giving them more things to think about may just result in accidents and mishaps. It is during these times when innovations like the Ford Sync are truly welcome.

Introduced back in 2007, the Sync is simply an in-car voice activation system that allows drivers to “talk” to their car, so to speak, and give commands that the car can perform. These include commands like “Find an auto shop” or “Call” a certain person. Back in 2007 when it was first introduced, the first-generation Sync was only able to recognize and respond to 100 commands. Now, Ford is working with Nuance Communications to increase this number to up to a hundred times. Meaning, the next-generation Sync will be able to understand 10,000 voice commands. Other than that, the new commands will be more natural so that drivers won’t need to have a hard time memorizing terms that they do not usually use. Plus, this makes the car sound more human instead of making drivers sound like robots. Lastly, different terms can already be used to refer to a single command.

The new Ford Sync will be available on the 2011 Ford Edge. This will surely make driving not only more comfortable but also safer.

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