Flytech Bladestar – Let the Fun and Excitement Begin

Does your son dreamed about flying a helicopter? If yes, then you can always make his dream come true by getting him the Flytech Bladestar. Although this is far from a real helicopter, just the same, it’s a flying machine that he’ll sure have fun navigating. All he needs to do is to use the included 3 channel infrared remote control to let it fly wherever he wants too.

But you know what’s more amazing with this product? When your son gets tired navigating it, he can just leave it flying indoors without the use of a remote control. How is that possible? Well, since the Flytech Bladestar is designed using advanced sensor based navigation, it can very much fly on its own. Also, when it is in Autopilot Mode, it can very much avoid obstacles like furniture, equipment, and even ceilings. Isn’t this thing amazing?

And to make it even more fun, the Flytech Bladestar comes with a dogfight accessory so your son can go head-to-head with a friend in an aerial dogfight. Simply attach the dogfight accessory to the infrared remote control and your son will be ready to shoot at his opponent and take it down in an instant. Thanks to its sensors! Once it detects the “hit” from the dogfight accessory, that’s when the real aerial dogfight begins. And no worries about it getting crashed! Because it’s made from light-crash-resistant high-flex materials and it includes 2 spare blades and 2 spare propellers in case it gets damaged.

So, make your son’s dream a reality as early as now. Let the fun and excitement begin with the Flytech Bladestar. Buy one now!

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