Fly with the Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer

Remote-controlled flying toys rarely fly perfectly. Sometimes, they tilt, roll, and eventually land on the ground in a terrible way. This is no longer the case now that the Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer is here. Considered as the most sophisticated R/C flying vehicle, this 4-Channel flying saucer comes with remarkable technology in a package that’s just a bit bigger than your outstretched palm.

As for its features, this amazing toy is equipped with four propellers so you would think that it would be hard for this device to keep balanced while floating in the air. You thought wrong. Why? Because this flying saucer has a built-in solid-state accelerometer that senses tilt on two axes and regulates the power of every propeller to keep it flying steadfastly in the air.

It is also very easy to operate because it has no buttons or trim dials to adjust. You simply need to power-cycle the remote before letting it fly and this flying toy will automatically trim itself using the accelerometer as a reference. It has a comprehensive 4-channel control that lets you move left, right, reverse, and forward. You can also rotate this toy in place or move it up and down. The remote also has an “EZ” switch that you can turn on if you want to avoid making fast maneuvers that may cause your saucer to lose control.

What’s more? This thingy can be charged in just a matter of 20 minutes and that will make up for 5-7 minutes fly time. It comes 5.5 cm high and it has a diameter of 19 cm.

This interesting gizmo is available in this website.

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