Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun

Who love flies? Chances are, nobody does. Together with cockroaches, flies are probably one of the most despised creatures on earth. They have the tendency to land on the wrong places – on the edge of your mug, on your spoon, even right on your food! And even with the different gadgets and materials devised to kill them, they survive. Well now, how do you like to play hunter with these pesky little creatures? The Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun will give you that ability and make fly capture more challenging and more unique.

This vacuum gun looks like a toy gun in any sense. You also use it the same way you would with a toy gun – aim the gun on your target, and pull the trigger! Only that, when you pull the trigger, the gun won’t release bullets. Instead, it will suck air in, together with other small particles – yes, like a fly! This is achieved with an inward gust of air that leaves flies no chance to escape. The vacuum gun comes with a suction cylinder and 3 cartridges into which you trap the fly that the gun has sucked in. Each cartridge is equipped with a fly-gate tip that allows flies to enter but not to exit. The device also comes with a magnifying glass tip. If you want to take a closer look at the fly that you have caught, simply use the magnifying glass tip in place of the fly-gate tip.

Check out this Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun at here and enjoy fly catching!

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