Flowboard Will Keep You Surfing or Snowboarding Even in Concrete

I can now hear “what??!!” and “how??” from readers of geekiegadgets with the title above. I mean, who wouldn’t wonder how can one surf or snowboard in the concrete streets of your neighborhood right? Well now you can use a Flowboard! The Flowboard could probably be a result of the inventor’s frustration of snowboarding in real snow where he could only play Shaun White on PS3. But whatever the story is, the Flowboard is an innovative alternative to skateboard.

At first look, you would think it’s an skateboard due to its deck style. The deck is made of seven ply maple wood with symmetrical design and concave cut. This design makes it easy for skateboarders and the like to adjust easily to the Flowboard. Even snowboarders and surfers would get the heel-to-toe motion that they are very much used to. Instead of having four, the Flowboard has 14 wheels that are arched to attain carves even without snow. The patented Deep Carve System (DCS) allow fluid 45 degree angle carves and edge to edge motion without the wheel bite and brushing resistance.

If you feel that you are born to surf/snow/skate, then this is for you. You can enjoy off season snowboarding with just a few steps out of your door. Just remember that safety is very important as with everything else. Losing some “cool” factor on wearing pads and helmet is still way better than ending up looking like a contestant in Wipeout.

Feel the rush of snowboarding and surfing right in the streets with the Flowboard.

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22''24''31''41'' Retro Skatebo...
22''24''31''41'' Retro Skatebo...

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