FlipSYNC Keychain Charge and Sync Cable: The Perfect Travel Buddy

Traveling can be a hassle, especially the packing stage. If you’re one who relies simply on your memory, there’s a great chance you tend to forget a thing or two when traveling. That’s not a problem, except when what you have forgotten happens to be your charger. With mobile phones fast becoming a necessity in life, a charger is a crucial travel buddy. With the new FlipSYNC Keychain Charge and Sync Cable, you’ll have one less stuff to worry about when packing for your trip. Why?

The FlipSYNC is a keyfob and a charger and sync cable in one. First and foremost, it will safely hold your keys. Second and more importantly, it extends into a 30-pin connector on one end (for connecting to your iPhone) and a USB cable on the other (for connecting to a computer). If you have this as a keyfob, you’ll never have to bring your charger and you can even say goodbye to cluttered and messy wires. The device features a USB 2.0 for the fastest power transfer. It’s also very easy to use as all you have to do is pull out both ends when you need to use it and then pull in afterwards when you’re done. The overall cable length is 3.25 inches, and both power input and output is 5 volts.

So, say goodbye to all your travel worries with the FlipSYNC Keychain Charge and Sync Cable. It’s available at here for only $17.99. That’s how little you have to pay to avoid all charger-connected hassles during your future travels.

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