Flexi PC Pet ID Tag

Dog tags are great way of knowing which pet is owned by whom in case one gets lost. We all love our pets and just the thought of them being gone gives us the chills already. The laser engraved tag that you put has some vital information that would be necessary such as the owner’s phone number and the dog’s name. Other than that, you have to make the font very small to fit such a little plate of metal. You might also need to update it whenever you change address or phone number. But welcome to the high-tech world of computers where a simple USB device can help bring your pet back to you.

The Flexi PC ID Tag is a miniature thumb drive that can contain all the information that would be necessary. You could put your contact number, address, veterinarian’s office, special treatment, and other notes that you feel are needed (like your dog prefers pork barbecue or savory chicken). This way, the person who takes hold of your pet knows what to do. Plus, there will be greater chance that you get your pet back whenever he/she gets lost. Updating the information is very easy with the fast USB 2.0 interface so anything wouldn’t be left out.

You don’t have to worry about the ID tag wearing out because it has been specifically designed to be water and shock proof. So even if Digby loves to take a swim or roll over countless of times, the tag would be very much safe in its metal capsule.

Get the Flexi PC Pet ID Tag for just $14.99 here!

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