Firewinder Mini Original Windlight: Wind Turning to Light for a Magical Effect

Fireflies lighting a tree in your garden, stars twinkling in the sky on a moonlit night, the small specks of light from a distance—all these have a sense of mystery in them. No wonder they appeal to a lot of people. However, these are fleeting moments we seldom catch. Wouldn’t you love to experience the same mystery surrounding them every night in your own garden at home? The Firewinder Mini Original Windlight will make that possible.

This windlight is an outdoor light that’s designed sculpturally. It harnesses the wind and moves in its direction, transforming the wind into light in the process. This light is achieved with the help of seven ultra-bright LED lights, and the light changes according to the direction and strength of the movement of the wind. This effect is magical to see and is mesmerizing in nature, especially when it changes in intensity and form. The windlight can be attached anywhere outdoors—in a tree in your garden, in your outdoor deck, etc. It’s also visible from a distance of up to 820 feet, perfect for creating that mysterious effects when you’re having outdoor parties at night or if you simply want to unwind after a long day.

The Firewinder Mini Original Windlight is a green innovation. It’s wind-powered and is made from recyclable plastic materials. It’s also very lightweight, so you can be sure that it’ll move with the slightest of wind movement. It’s also weather-resistant, so it won’t easily get damaged even when mounted outdoors. For that perfect night ambiance, the Firewinder Mini Original Windlight is an ideal and unique innovation.

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