FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor: Data Within Your Reach

Are you a serious swimmer who wants to improve on your field by keeping track of your performance? Undergoing a training and monitoring how well you’re doing and how far more you need to go is easy if you have the supervision of a coach or someone who is in the field. But, doing a personal training can be tough – it’s hard to swim and monitor your performance at the same time. Well, here’s one good news: you can now have your needed assistant to monitor your swimming performance – the FINIS Swimsense performance monitor!

This Swimsense monitor is a device that you only need to wear on your wrist that you just need to wear every time you go for a swim. It is equipped with a sensing technology that can determine and then record the number of strokes you make, the distance you have traveled, your number of laps and your lap time, even the calories burnt. Just click on the start button before you start swimming and the monitor will start functioning. The device is so advanced that it can distinguish the different types of stroke (freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly stroke). Once you’re done swimming, you can see and upload the data recorded on the FINIS site. The site has a user-friendly interface and is designed simply to make viewing easy. You can create workout plans on the said site and then monitor your performance as you progress.

The FINIS Swimsense performance monitor will be available at a little less than 200 dollars and will be offered on the holiday season this year. You can also find other FINIS products at Amazon such as snorkel, lap track, and tempo trainer. You can get all you need anytime.

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