FIC SVE00 Gets Pine Trail

sNetbooks get better every time. We first get to experience Atom processors with a feeling of being left out by full sized laptops in terms of size and capacity. But things improved with time and now we have the newly developed Pine Trail platform that Intel developed. This new platform can allow makers choose between longer battery life or increased performance. Let’s look how First International Computer (FIC) decided on their SVE00 netbook model.

The hardware include of course the Intel Atom N450, maximum of 2gb DDR2 667/800 MHz of memory, 10.1″ LED screen, multi-touch Glide Pad, 3-cell battery, up to 320gb of hard drive space, 3G/WiFi/WiMax/Bluetooth, and a 1.3megapixel camera with a microphone on the side. Hovering over at the specs give it a generic netbook hardware that you can see from different manufacturers. What FIC did with the development of the Pine Trail platform on this netbook is to shave off weight to a very manageable 1.2kg. They did this by using a 3-cell battery instead of the usual 6-cell or 9-cell. The Glide Pad is a welcome experience to netbook users. True enough, having a large touch pad can feel that you get more of a mouse in your fingertips. One cool feature that potential users would like to see is the spill proof keyboard. I mean, you might not casually spill coffee or juice on your laptop but it would be good to know that when you actually do, you won’t have to worry about it.

Let’s just see how FIC’s SVE00 would compete against other netbooks in the market.

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