FastMac U Socket: The First Wall Socket with USB Ports

More gadgets in your home often mean more wires, more adapters, and more clutter, especially when you’re using your gadgets simultaneously or when you’re charging them. And when you’re charging your devices via USB ports, the hassle even increases because you’ll have to power up your desktop or laptop just to charge the gadgets. Yikes! More wires getting tangled. Until the U Socket is introduced!

The U Socket is a simple 3-prong, wall-mounted AC receptacle, only it has two additional USB ports. The said ports can power devices compatible with a 5V power adapter. But, the good thing is, you won’t need the adapter when charging—you can charge directly from the port. So, you’ll have less clutter and mess whenever you’re charging. The said innovation also saves on energy because the USB port is only powered whenever you connect something to it. The energy that you can save by using this socket will reach up to $25 per year. Now, isn’t that a good start to living green?

The U Socket is still undergoing some redesign, and this redesign is expected to result in a safer device with more features and improved capabilities. Among those that you can look forward to are USB 3.0, 10w charging support, smaller transformers approved by safety agencies, TruePower Technology, and compliance with EPA’s Energy Star requirements. The manufacturer is now accepting pre-orders, with the shipping date expected to be on October this year at the latest. You can now order the U Socket at $19.95 per unit.

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