Fairy Jars: An Environment-Friendly Way to Liven Up Your Garden

Fairy tales have always appealed to children. And whether we admit it or not, fairies appeal even to us adults. And now, if you want to have fairies in your garden, that’s already easy with fairy jars!

These fairy jars are simple jars that you can place anywhere in your garden – hang on a tree or just lay in the middle of your grassy lawn – to get fairy-like illumination at night. By fairy-like illumination, we mean glowing and blinking lights inside the jar. Inside are six LED lights that phase and blink alternately to give the impression that the fairies are moving within the jar. And the good thing about this is that it’s solar-powered. The cap of the jar has a solar panel that absorbs solar energy when exposed to the sun – just hang it in your garden for sun-soaking within the day and enjoy fairy lights at night. However, in case it’s rainy and the sun’s not up to provide solar power, you have the option to use an AA battery. The jar is hang-ready with its hook. It’s also easy to operate as you just have to shake it up in order to turn the lights on.

Choose from three different colors for your preferred fairy jar – white, yellow, and pink. Or better yet, hang three jars with different colors. Whether as a mood setter or as a lovely décor in case you’re having a garden party at night, or simply as an addition to make your home look warmer, trust these Fairy Jars to help you.

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