EyeTV One TV Tuner – Broadcast TV Right into Your Desktop

Somebody once wrote that what is essential is invisible to the eye – in a geeky perspective that would translate to microwave, 3G, Wi-Fi, satellite radio and the ever free (just next to fast food condiments) over-the-air broadcast Television. You can also take advantage of one of the few essentially free things in life by getting Elgato EyeTV One digital TV tuner. Just hook the EyeTV One into your PC or MAC and to your TV antenna and unless you live in the middle of the Sahara or the frigid Poles, you can have an instant access to over the air TV programs. If you’ve got a nice LCD and a high-resolution display, you can even fully benefit and enjoy the free HDTV programs broadcasted in some areas.

EyeTV One is also a great way to easily convert your desktop into an instant high-quality DVR without having to buy or hook up a separate device. Now you’ll know what to do with your extra HDD space, this device allows you to record your favorite TV shows and programs directly into your hard drive. EyeTV One promises only one quality setting – lossless. That means unaltered and unadulterated digital stream as encoded and intended by the broadcasting station. Additionally, EyeTV One supports captioning and Dolby Digital sound for a richer viewing experience. This gadget couldn’t have been simpler to use, just plug the TV tuner to a USB 2.0 port, connect your TV antenna, and the included software will take care of the most parts for you.

Get this Elgato EyeTV One Computer TV Tuner only here.

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