Experience Vacation with the MiniCat

The Caribbean…. Ahhh the sun, the sand, and the pristine waters that line the beautiful islands. Imagine the feeling of riding a boat while you are being serenaded by nature’s own musical ensemble of birds and the sea. While you cannot visit the islands on a regular basis due to your “reasonable” gadget spending allocation, why not try your own adventure in your local lake or nearby sea. To complete the experience, you also need a watercraft like a catamaran. But where will you find one if you don’t have a dock or a space to keep one? The answer is simple – inflate one.

Yeah, that’s right, an inflatable catamaran. The MiniCat answers your hopes of being a boat owner since you were a little kid. Though this doesn’t give you the experience of saying full speed ahead, you can at least have a taste of navigating your own watercraft. The MiniCat weighs 40kg when deflated and can fit inside a car’s trunk. When inflated, the whole thing can carry 240kg of weight or 2-3 adults with some items on board. It has hard wearing, abrasion resistant floats, a fiberglass and aluminum frame, keel fins for safe shallow sailing, a plastic fabric trampoline, an anchor point, a lockable rudder that can be raised to 90°, a mast and a sail area of over five square meters.

With this, you can have a vacation-like experience in a place near you without breaking the bank.

Get the inflatable catamaran MiniCat here.

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