Experience Sound Above the Size with iHome iHM79W Portable Multimedia Speakers

Life should be about harmony and order, and in order there is proportion and in proportion – beauty. This also applies to your personal gadgets; a small portable media player deserves an equally small and portable speaker system – if you want to share your music that is. The new iHome iHM79 is the perfect stereo speaker system for your iPod, iPhone, Macbook, laptops and MP3 player. It uses a 3.5mm audio jack that supports iPod, computer, handheld game systems and other portable media devices. It’s small and easy in design yet it boasts a sound way beyond its size.

The already compact and collapsible speakers have a magnetic base to further attach both speakers into a capsule shape making it even smaller and fit for travel. With a dimension of 2.52″ W x 2.01″ H x 2.52″ D, it can perfectly fit in your palm for ultimate portability. To use, simply detach and extend to use straight out of the pocket. The great sound comes not with the shape but with the design. The iHM79 speakers contain built-in amp and a vacuum bass design for enhanced low frequency response.

The iHM79 is powered by its integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery and comes with a USB plug for charging. To complete the travelling package, it’s bundled with a protective carrying case and a cord wrap. You can also see its brother here, the iHome iHM77.

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