Experience High-Quality Listening Experience with Philips SoundSphere Speakers

Philips understands your need to hear all the original detail from your favorite music, that’s why it has developed Philips Hi-Fi micro systems with SoundSphere speakers. These speakers produce natural and genuine sound reproduction, allowing you to feel the music’s emotions, as if the artist is playing right in front of you. This new product line includes a unit featuring Streamium technology which lets users wirelessly store, stream, and enjoy long list of music from your computer or online.

Philips’ SoundSphere speakers come with tweeter and woofer with meticulous audio crossover engineering that gives off more natural sound by reducing interference. Outside the speaker box is a free-floating tweeter which radiates sound in all directions to produce deeper and wider sound impression that’s the same as the tones you will hear in a recording studio or during a live performance.

These SoundSphere speakers are designed by Philips acoustic engineers that are based in Belgium so they surely met the high standards of demanding European music lovers. These speakers come with a perfect blend of form and functionality with a design employing authentic materials that do not just appear impressive but help decrease speaker cabinet vibrations as well.

The Hi-Fi micro systems with SoundSphere speakers from Philips also make it easy and convenient for you to access music. It features big color screen which lets you navigate your music files and playlists easily. The model that’s outfitted with Streamium technology allows you to hear digital music from a USB hard disc. It comes with 160GB HDD storage which enables you to store all your favorite tunes and browse thousands of songs online by means of wireless Internet radio or music playing in your laptop or PC.

Philips speakers are available at Amazon. So get yours now.

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