EXOPC Slate – Providing Users With New Digital Experience

Several products are really worth the wait and one of them is the EXOPC Slate. This is a great Windows 7 computer that comes with a multi-touch interface so you can browse the web, play your favorite games, and watch movies and TV shows with so much ease. This device also allows you to read e-books, listen to news and music, organize your photos and other important files and of course, download apps without any difficulty. With its large screen, instant on and multi-tasking is very much possible, giving you a new digital experience.

The Slate also enables you to explore the web without any compromise. Unlike other tablets in market, it gives you super-fast scrolling as well as full support for all formats like Silverlight and Flash. Users can also save and read electronic books written in any format. With the Slate, watching live web televisions, videocasts, movies, and music videos are very much possible. You can also listen to your favorite radio station or music using your headphones of the integrated speakers.

What’s best is, the Slate comes with stroboscopic keyboard which provides users with a competent visual feedback to minimize typing errors. The layout of the keyboard also makes way for quick input using your ten fingers or your thumbs only. There’s also the ExoPC UI Layer Development Kit which makes it possible for you to create multi-touch applications with the use of Flash and JavaScript. It also lets you add touch screen support for current applications written in just about any format.

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