EUROCOM X8100 Leopard Mobile Workstation

Eurocom is known for its highly personalized, high-performance notebook PCs and LCD PCs. Now, it is again ready to amaze its spectators with its new baby – EUROCOM X8100 Leopard Mobile Workstation. This notebook takes pride in being equipped with amazing features like powerful graphics capabilities, workstation-ready performance, and extra mighty Intel i7 Extreme Processor for high-end computing regardless if you’re gaming or working. The unit’s high-performance storage includes four physical SATA-300 hard drives and RAID 0/1/5/10.

This new EUROCOM gaming workstation comes with a unique blend of the company’s superb engineering, Intel’s amazing horsepower, and professional NVIDIA graphics so it sure is capable of dealing with demanding workloads. With its “anywhere you go workstation” capabilities, it is aimed to replace the conventional desktop-based workplace. This unit features two ATi Radeon Mobility HD5870 that run in CrossFireX, a GTX480M, or a selection of NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro cards operating in single or SLI configurations. It is because of these features that the X8100 is capable of offering perfect graphics configuration.

Moreover, the EUROCOM X8100 Leopard makes use of MXM-IIIb Mobile PCI Express Module, making it easily upgradable to modern graphics technology. For hardcore gamers and PC users, theX8100 is perfect since it offers incredibly fast response times that will sure turn heads. It also supports the most up-to-date ISV workstation applications like Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering and a whole lot more. The heart of the unit is the Intel Mobile i7 quad-core CPU that offers outstanding high-definition multimedia, multi-threaded, and multi-tasking performance.

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