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Everyone just got something to tell—and Borders know that. They also know the constraints: capital, publisher, and sales. All these come to an end with the epub services as powered by BookBrewer, coming on October 25. Two major brands coming with one service only means great idea! So, turn your book into an e book and allow e-readers to grab a bite on it at Borders estore!

Now, every writer, aspiring or not, and blogger will have a nook to make his/her very own e-books. From there, the digital content will be open to all e-readers and sales are expected to follow. The entire program will cut huge expenses on writing equipments and expenditures on self publishing. More importantly, your ebooks will be available globally in less the time, effort, and expenses.

Did I say you can also format and edit your ebooks in the BookBrewer platform? That’s right! Borders will give you the basic PubIt EBook package that allows you to make, edit, and sell your digital content to e readers out there. The package also reserves your right should you want to epub all your ebooks in your own estore. And did I say it will only cost you a meager price? The entire Borders package costs $89.99, too small compared to what services it can offer.

Surely, Borders epublishing services as powered by BookBrewer is one online service you cannot miss. The basic package is only a starter; you can also get the advance kit starting on the debut date for more personalized options.

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