Enjoy Wireless Multimedia Experience with the New ICREON Wireless USB Multi Adapter HUWB-3000 Kit

The use of wireless devices brought a great convenience because of the absence of cables and other connectors. Because of this, many products manufactured nowadays are designed using wireless technology. Joining the mainstream, Hanshin Information Technology Inc. produces the latest ICREON wireless multimedia system. This USB-based multimedia solution can connect any PCs and laptops using Windows OS (Windows XP / Vista / Win7) to your projector or HDTV – wirelessly. It even allows you to wirelessly connect with a 5.1 channel speaker or stereo speakers. The ICREON Wireless USB Multi Adapter HUWB-3000Kit functions by connecting through VGA or HDMI (for HDTV or projector) or S/PDIF (for speakers). Experience smooth transfers as the ICREON wireless multimedia system can send audio and video through WUSB link between a PC and a HDTV up to 220 Mbps.

The HUWB-3000 Kit guarantees quality display for a better viewing experience because it can support up to 1920 X 1080 resolution including high definition videos of up to 720P. It can offer a full room coverage perfect for displaying web content in a wide screen TV. For ease of use with other standards-based WUSB devices, the HUWB-3000 Kit is equipped by AL5100 / AL5300 Alereon chipset that is licensed by USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). It is also compliant to worldwide regulations thus compatible with other hardware and software vendor customizations. Moreover, it can support either extended or mirrored desktop mode. For security, the wireless multimedia adapter uses 128 bit AES encryption and WiMedia Ultra Wideband.

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