Enjoy a Piece of Safety and a Peace of Mind with Wet Circuit

What’s worse than getting zapped by electricity? It’s getting your house burned after getting zapped by electricity. Potential shock and fire hazards don’t paint a pretty picture and should be considered a real life danger especially to vulnerable groups like children and the elderly. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure that’s why Wet Circuit products are made to effectively and safely prevent electrical shocks from water splash or submersion, accidental contact and insertion of metal objects. It also reduces the risk of fire caused by carbon accumulation and overheating internal wiring.

The unique water resistant design uses protective materials then decrease the flow of current when the power chord comes into contact with water. This technology provides continuous power to the plugged equipments or devices while simultaneously protecting you from electrocution. It can handle the occasional water spills, rain, snow, wet hands and short-term flooding. The touch protection on the other hand prevents accidental electrocution by ensuring that electric power may only be conducted when a proper plug is correctly inserted into the outlet.

Another great safety feature of the Wet Circuit extension cord is the overheating and sparks protection. It has a fuse and a temperature sensitive reusable circuit that prevents fire by overloading. Wet Circuit offers up to 4 times the durability of normal power strip, so you can expect it to keep you safe for a very long time.

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