Enhance Your Driving Safety with the Nap Zapper Driver Alert Alarm

Do you know that drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of crashes every year? And that each year, there are about 100,000 crashes that occur, 40,000 of which result to injuries and 1550 to fatality. If you are not aware of these numbers, then at least you should know that drowsy driving can be very dangerous.

Drowsy driving is actually very common, especially to those who work at night, have sleeping disorders, and regularly drive long distances. But it’s also very risky. That is why if you are among those who often experience drowsy driving, you better enhance your driving safety with the Nap Zapper Driver Alert Alarm.

The Nap Zapper is an anti-drowsy alarm designed to be worn around your right ear, waking you whenever you get drowsy while driving. But unlike the typical alarm that needs to be set, this one needs only a single nod of your head. Once your head nods below a preset angle, the alarm will go off, waking not only you but also the other sleeping passengers in your vehicle. Now, what makes it possible for the alarm to detect your head’s movement? Well, it’s the Nap Zapper’s electronic position sensor. Just use one LR44 button cell battery for this device and you are ready to go.

So, don’t risk yourself and your passengers when driving. Enhance your safety now with the Nap Zapper Driver Alert Alarm. It is very much available at Amazon.com for only $5.00. Hurry! Get one now!

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