ElectroMan Protects Your Appliances from Electrical Surge

Like it or not, humans have a sadistic nature. Don’t believe me? Think about your childhood (could be even up to now) of burning ants using a magnifying glass, putting salt on a snail, or just when you want to squish dead a fleeing cockroach. The gadget that is featured now isn’t something like that but hints into being sadistic.

The ElectroMan is an extension cord for your outlet that is shaped no other than but a person. The head has a 22″ cord that connects to a wall outlet which an indicator light in its chest will tell it’s woring. The indicator light in the chest of the ElectroMan is like a heart that says there is power running through its copper veins, ready to give life to its electronic brothers. Its limbs serve as outlets on their own so you can connect up to 4 appliances or chargers through this. I know that tech geeks like us don’t just have mediocre things so we want it protected and the ElectroMan also serves that purpose. It doubles as a surge protector so when there is a sudden spike of electrical current, the ElectroMan absorbs it and what your appliances get is the normal flow. There is a on/off switch on the side which comes handy if you want to turn off all appliances from the cord at once, saving you time from pulling each cord individually. Aside from that, this surge protector is just an adorable must-have gadget with a smiling face detail on the front.

C’mon, don’t you just want to give this guy a hug? Get yours here.

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