Electric Shock Lie Detector – Truly Shocking, Literally!

Great music, foods, booze, and even more booze make a really fantastic party. But why not try something new? Something which your guests haven’t seen nor tried before. For sure, they’d love to see something unique on your next party. Something which is truly shocking, literally, yet fun like the Electric Shock Lie Detector.

Time out first for more party booze. Before everyone gets drunk, let your guests have a taste of shocking fun with this funny gadget called Electric Shock Lie Detector. Designed with a built-in computer to analyze your guest’s responses, this gadget will sure send your guests to a shocking level, literally, if they lie. Simply strap your guest’s hand onto the handplate, ask a few questions, and wait for the computer to analyze his/her response. If his/answer is a lie, for sure, he/she will be shocked to what the consequence will be.

This funny gadget will really excite everyone in the room, especially if it’s their turnto be interrogated. And you know what’s more exciting about this, anyone who tries to cheat during the interrogation process will be easily caught because a loud beeping sound sets off when the sensors is not touched. Amazing, isn’t it? So, no one can get away with the questions without being shocked once the answers are lies.

But just a piece of reminder: this gadget is not suitable for pregnant woman, children below 14 years old, and people with pacemakers or epilepsy.

So, let your guests be on a truly shocking experience during your party with the Shocking Liar – Electric Shock Lie Detector. Get one now!

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