Easy Online Shopping with SmartSwipe

Online shopping got easier, faster and whole lot safer thanks to the new SmartSwipe credit card reader. No more typing of RSI-inducing credit card information, answering all those security questions and uneasy foreboding feeling that you’ll fall prey in one of those credit card scams. The new ultra-secure SmartSwipe is made to significantly improve the way you shop online; this credit card gadget can read, encrypt and send your personal card information straight to the online payment page. To purchase, just bring up SmartSwipe, then swipe your card thru this USB gadget, review card information and press the on-screen confirm button of the purchase wizard to complete a transaction – no more typing.

It’s not just fast, it’s also secure – it effectively protects your sensitive information from hackers and nasty software. It also offers proactive protection against phishing sites, now you can surf and shop with complete peace of mind. It’s so secure that your personal data is protected before it even hits your computer, meaning you’re far from a vulnerable online attack.

SmartSwipe is compatible with almost all website that accepts credit or debit card payments and it supports all Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Visa Debit cards system. The only downside is that this credit card device is not currently compatible with Mac but it does support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit) operating systems. To use SmartSwipe, you additionally need an Internet browser like IE 6 or Firefox 3.6 or higher, Internet connection and a free USB port.

Purchase SmartSwipe here.

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