E-Line Cord: Tangled Wires No More!

Tangled wires are among the basic mess you’ll find in many homes today. Being messy is one thing, but being dangerous is another. Tangled wires are not just eyesores. In reality, they can also cause fire, especially if the wire insulation has already deteriorated due to age and neglect. How do you deal with this dilemma? Kim Mi Ran has introduced one possible solution to this problem: the E-Line Cord.

This cord is specifically designed to replace the habit of wrapping the wires around hot appliances (like an electric kettle) after use and damaging the cover. It is a cord designed with grooves that allow easy splitting and clipping of the cord. When used, all you have to do is split the cord along the grooved lines according to your desired length. Then, after use, you can simply clip the line neatly back in place to avoid clutter and possible danger. The product is crafted from the main cord plus the coating. It’s ideal for use with such appliances as toaster and kettle, although not for portable devices like an electric iron and vacuum cleaner. For easy use, there are only three simple codes used for different electric items: water-, fire-, and electricity-related products.

Some individuals are raising concerns about electromagnetic induction, which may lead to the certain hazards. Other concerns include the rigidity of the coil, which may make using it a hassle. We’re waiting for more information and modification on this product. We believe that with a few improvements, this may be a feasible solution to our wire tangling dilemmas.

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