E Ink Pearl in the New Updated Kindle DX: Enhanced Reading, Low Power Consumption

The new eReader from Amazon offers a more enjoyable and hassle-free reading experience, major thanks to the new display technology incorporated on the said innovation: the E Ink Pearl. The Pearl will allow readers to enjoy both printed paper reading quality and portability. It’s a notch higher than existing technologies today.

For one, it offers a more enhanced reading experience because of an improved contrast between the background and the texts or images—up to 50% improvement. It features 16 gray level depths that enable the display of rich details. One can choose the contrast he wants for a better reading. And, even if you’re outdoors, the Pearl guarantees to maintain a great reading quality with no glare. This great quality is paired off with a low power consumption, so nothing can be more appealing. This technology requires the lowest power compared to others. For instance, you can hold or bookmark a particular image or text without additional power consumption. So when you decide to continue reading, you can readily proceed from where you left off—with no additional requirement from the device! If all these are not enough, then you’d love to know that the technology is supported by various companies. These companies are providing products that support the platform, so you know there are entities you can turn to when you encounter problems.

The Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 9.7 inches screen is priced at $379, lower than its first tag. It boasts of a wide array of features that bookworms (or “eBookworms”, if there is such a word) would surely love.

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