DynaSolar LED Dual Powered Torch

For most of us who have been used to the comforts and conveniences provided by our gadgets and home appliances, power cuts are a big no, right? And isn’t it always that when your home suddenly becomes dark because of a power cut, our first move was to search for your torch? Yeah, it might have been within your reach, but it won’t be useless if its batteries are dead. Sure, you wouldn’t like to see yourself scrabbling around in the dark to look for replacements.

This is the reason why Dynasolar LED Dual Powered Torch is made. Whenever you need it, this torch offers a strong light, focused, and bright beam coming from eco-friendly energy. What’s good, you can utilize this gadget using solar power and wind up hand-cranked energy. It includes two popular and eco-friendly methods for powering the torch – a built-in solar panel which allows the battery to charge through the day when it is placed in a brightly lit area and a handle plus an internal dynamo which lets you power the torch by cranking or winding the handle.

The Dynasolar LED Dual Powered Torch makes use of three bulbs to deliver a bright, focused light while consuming a very small amount of energy. To power it, you need to wind its handle for two minutes and it can give you light for 15 minutes. This torch measures about 15cm or 6 inches in length and is a great source of light during emergencies. What are you waiting for? Click here and get a Dynasolar LED Dual Powered Torch now.

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