Drift Innovation HD170 Helmet Cam

If you love helmet-requiring pastimes and you want to document every great moment, then Drift Innovation HD170 Action Camera is for you. This is the latest all-around helmet camera that offers everything you need to shoot your extreme sports photos and videos in superb HD! You sure can take pride in owning this gadget. Why? Well simply because it is the world’s first sports action camera that captures in full HD and comes with a playback screen plus a remote control. True, this is the first rugged waterproof camera in the world that provides people with everything they want from an Action Camera.

With the camera’s screen, you’ll be able to line up shots and you can play back the footage immediately. You can use the remote that comes with the HD170 to film whatever it is that you want to record. Also, this helmet cam has easy-to-use mounts, enabling you to use and mount it anywhere you want. There’s also a rotating lens that lets you mount the said camera at any angle and in any position, allowing you to capture the shot you’re looking for.

With the Drift Innovation HD170 Action Camera, you take images, set it in the photo burst mode, and capture every few seconds, as long as your memory allows. Another amazing feature of this action camera is an external microphone which cancels out wind noise. The said feature is what makes this camera ideal for in-car filming. Night mode feature is also offered, enabling you to record even in darker and duskier conditions. If you love adventures, Drift X170 Action Camera is but perfect. Visit Amazon and purchase this gadget now.

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