DreamScreen 400 Brings HP Technology Closer in India

Rest of the world feast your eyes on the new HP DreamScreen 400 and keep dreaming to own one. Why? Because unless you’re dreaming or you live in India, chances are you’ll never see one of these HP region exclusive all-in-one PCs on your desk. The new DreamScreen 400 is born thru HP’s effort to bring the power on the internet and localized content closer to the family of all ages and generation. This desktop is specially made for India by India with the goals to improve education, provide news and entertainment, connect families, develop spiritual life and provide a quick and easy access to the World Wide Web using a simple touch interface.
The DreamScreen is basically made to make information relevant to household members within reach with just a few taps of the fingers. HP collaborated with India’s top content and service providers to create a special system suitable for all members of the family including tech first timers.

The intuitive UI offers quick access to a vast of information from school curricula to Bollywood TV and music, these are not just limited in English but available in local Hindi as well. Video calls are made as simple as dialing an onscreen keypad or touching an image. Even religious services are broadcasted right at home in real time from webcams located at distant temples to deliver spiritual enlightenment straight into the desktop.

DreamScreen 400 features an 18.5-inch diagonal touchscreen display, Linux OS with an HP exclusive interface, Intel –based hardware and DVD optical drive.

You can also check out HP DreamScreen 100 10.2-Inch Wireless Connected Screen here.

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