Don’t Be Paranoid – Get a Hidden Camera Detector!

Have you ever experienced entering a room and you feel as if someone’s watching you through a hidden camera? Annoying isn’t it? And you can’t help but feel paranoid that a pair of eyes is watching your every move. Well, you can always avoid that feeling of paranoia. Equip yourself with this really cool gadget called Hidden Camera Detector.

The Hidden Camera Detector is a very portable device, in fact it just looks like a lighter, that you can use to check if there is a wireless spy camera planted in a room or office. Whether it’s your own room or anybody else’s that you’re being suspicious about, you’ll certainly have that peace of mind once your Hidden Camera Detector says that there’s no spy camera in place.

So, how does this thing work? Well, simply use 2 CR2032 lithium batteries for this detector and its auto sensitivity tuner will automatically scan for variable distances and channels. This detects frequencies from 50MHz to 3GHz, so you’re assured that this will work perfectly. Now, once a hidden camera is detected, a LED light flickers and an audible alarm sounds to inform you that indeed there’s a hidden cam in place. So, it’s high time you find that thing and get rid of it at once.

Hidden cameras have their own use. But if it makes you paranoid, then give yourself some peace of mind by knowing if there is indeed a hidden cam in place or not. Get yourself a Camera Detector now!

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