Dog-e-Minder: A Must-Have for Responsible Dog Owners

Busy dog owners and individuals with multiple pets in their household have now found a solution to keep track of their dog’s activity – the Dog-e-Minder. This new device records when your favorite pet last walked, ate, and received medication. True, this lightweight and durable gadget is ideal to use as training aide and as a reminder for pet sitters, busy pet owner, and multi-pet homes.

If you want to take the guesswork out of “pet parenting,” you better get a Dog-e-Minder now. Even when you’re so occupied, it allows you to rest assured that your dog is provided with the attention they need. This wearable PDA for your dog comes with a very simple three-button design so it’s way easy for anyone to use. Every button contains a symbol related to an activity. The “fire hydrant” represents walk time; the “dog bone” signifies eating or feeding time; and the “RX” indicates the last time the dog took medication. To record any of these activities, just hold the corresponding button down for about three seconds and the time and date will be saved.

If you want to view the recorded information, just press the appropriate button once. On the display, you will see the last time the task was done. When not in use, the Dog-e-Minder doubles as dog identification tag, containing the pet’s name and the owner’s contact information. Since it is very slim and lightweight, it can conveniently hang on your pet’s collar. You can also choose to attach this gadget to your keychain for easy access. This Dog-e-Minder comes in four stylish colors – blue, black, red, and pink.

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