Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar: The Newest Addition to Your Kitchen

A big fan of Doctor Who? If you are, you’re probably in search of Doctor Who collectibles. Well, you’ll already find a lot of Doctor Who-related stuff available in the market today, from Doctor Who journals to action figures. But, if you think you’ve got it all, wait ‘til you hear about the newest—a Doctor Who TARDIS talking cookie jar!

A TARDIS and a cookie jar in one? If you think the two don’t match, you’ll be sure to change your mind when you see this newest Doctor Who collectible. Whereas the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) used to serve as the device by which Doctor Who time-traveled in the past, it’s now given a more homey rendering in the form of a cookie jar. And it’s not just like any cookie jar you’ll find today—it can produce TARDIS sounds when you close its lid (no more sneaking cookies!) and when you push the lantern down (by which the lantern also flashes). All you need to keep this cookie jar activated are the 3 1.5V G13 button cell batteries already included in the package.

The Doctor Who TARDIS talking cookie jar features a dimension of 11” x 6” x 6” and is modeled exactly like the blue TARDIS in the Doctor Who show. It’s a perfect addition to your kitchen and one that your kids will surely love (except probably the fact that it will be harder to sneak into the jar to get cookies, what with the sounds it emits when lid is closed). You can check out this collectible at here.

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