Dismount Washer: Portable Washer for Everyday Use

Portability plays a major part in the lifestyle of many people today. This is the reason most of the traditional gadgets and equipment we use at home are already modified to become more portable so that they’re easy to carry around and use. Can you imagine a portable washing machine? No? Well, Lichen Guo has introduced a concept washing machine called the Dismount Washer, a portable machine that will clean your clothes without occupying much space in your home.

The Dismount Washer is a washing box with a vane inside it. It’s like a tub (imagine it like your typical laundry basket) where you simply place your dirty clothes. You can carry it around (it even has a handle) and simply place it on a wall-mounted motor or what Guo referred to as an energy stick to power it. The motor has a touch-screen and start button, pressing of which will enable it to supply high-pressure

steam inside your laundry container while the vane rotates. This steam will be the main cleaning

element. If you need to clean your clothes, simply bring the washer into any place where there’s an energy stick and you can now do the cleaning.

Like all other concepts, however, there are remaining unanswered questions about the Dismount Washer. One, how many clothes can it accommodate in one cleaning? I guess this would be ideal for singles, but not for an entire family where a great number of clothes are usually being washed. And also, can we use detergent during washing? Steam alone doesn’t seem to be enough. Nevertheless, despite all these questions and unclear details, with a few more modifications, I believe this washer will be a wonderful innovation.

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