Discovery Time Zone Globe

It’s just the second day of the year, but maybe you are already thinking what educational toys to give your children as early as now. Worry no more because there are lots of discovery toys waiting for you and your children to explore and enjoy. And one of these is the Discovery Time Zone Globe.

So, how does this one differ from the ordinary globe? Well, basically, the Discovery Time Zone Globe is an electric globe that is designed to rotate at the same speed as the Earth, allowing your children to view the world in real time. Unlike the ordinary globe, this one illuminates the areas of the world where it is daytime because of its internal LED lamp. And when day turns to night and vice versa, this will create a twilight effect that will sure amaze your kids like no other. Although it’s a little hard to set the time and date since it goes by military time, all in all it’s a great piece for your children to enjoy looking at the times all over the world. Plus, it’s very easy to assemble, so no hassle for you.

This time zone globe really makes a perfect educational tool for your children, so they will become more familiar with the different countries around the world as well as their specific season, date, and time. But this is best recommended for teens ages 14 and up. And since it is an electric globe, it should be placed where it will not be easily knocked around or bumped into.

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