Discovery Baby Laptop – Fun and Educational

Do you know that your child’s IQ can be increased by more than 50 points through proper stimulation during the first 6 years of life? Although he has natural skills since birth, as parent, you can still help him develop those skills. How? Well, one effective way is to buy him educational toys. As early as one year old, your child should be exposed to toys that can help improve his skills like eye-hand coordination, memory retention, motor skills, reading skills, and math skills. However, since there are lots of options available, you must be keen in choosing the right baby toy for your little one. If it’s fun and educational like the Discovery Baby Laptop then you’re good to go.

The Discovery Baby Laptop is a fun educational toy that is packed with activities to help stimulate your baby’s senses. It is especially designed with a baby-safe mirror that lights up and doubles as viewing screen so your child can enjoy images such as animals, shapes, and more. And you know what’s even more exciting about these pop-up images? Well, believe it or not, they talk to your baby and teach him about shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and even animal names and sounds. And to make it more fun, it’s designed with a keypad lightshow and says friendly phrases such as “peek-a-boo” and “you’re my friend”.

The Discovery Baby Laptop really makes learning a lot more fun for your little one. Buy this product online now for only $18.69.

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