Digital Storm Black|OPS with NVIDIA 3D Vision – Three Headed Digital Monster

To get right into the warzone action, either enlist in the military and join Special Forces or simply get one of the latest Digital Storm Black|OPS series gaming PCs with 3D HD multi-display powered by NVIDIA’s GTX 400 Series. Another first from NVIDIA, which Digital Storm was quick to adapt, is the 3D Vision Surround Technology which expands your gaming experience across three LCD screens in full HD 3D – you don’t just get to experience your game, you get to live it. With this advantage, gamer gets to react quicker, survey further and drive faster – even travel back in time to participate in different world war battles without the fear of the occasional mortal injury and shell shock.
Playing on 3D gaming system across three 1080p displays is not for the faint hearted. NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 400 GPUs up the graphics horsepower to deliver 750 million pixels per second for 3 monitors. That’s three in full HD 1080p 3D Vision gaming for an incredible total of 5760×1080 mouth watering eye candy. The best part is that NVIDIA’s intelligent software automatically turns over 425 PC games to stereoscopic 3D without the need for in-game patches.

Setting up your own Black|OPS PC with 3D Vision Surround Technology is unbelievably easy, thanks to NVIDIA’s multi-display program. No monitor adaptors are necessary as 3D Vision works with usual cables and setup wizard guides gamers throughout the setup process. Gamers are even allowed on bezel correction to enable a seamless graphical experience. To ensure smooth performance and maximum frame rate, there’s also the advanced GPU synchronization.

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