Digital Photo Mug – Be Unique!

Inside the office, how many have you noticed using the same mug as yours? One? Two? Three? Worse if more. Because chances are you’ll be using someone else’s mug (thinking that it’s yours) when you happen to leave it somewhere inside the office. So to avoid this scenario, make sure you get a mug that does not look like the ordinary. But how will you know that the mug you’re getting is unique from everyone else? Of course, one step that you can do is check out your officemates’ mugs prior to buying yours. But that’s a bit silly. So to be sure, better get a mug that you can put your own set of pictures, something like the Digital Photo Mug.

Yes, it’s true, you can now display your very own pictures in this really cool Digital Photo Mug! In fact, you can put up to 45 pictures and view them on the removable frame’s 1.5″ LCD screen. Simply connect the frame to your PC or laptop using the included USB cable and start transferring your favorite pictures. That easy! Anyone who sees you holding a mug as cool as the Digital Photo Mug will sure be amazed at how unique the product is. And certainly, it won’t be mistaken by anyone else as his or hers because the pictures are solely yours.

So be extremely unique with this cool work gadget! But hey, it’s great for your kitchen, too! So go and get the Urban Trend Digi-Mug Digital Photo Frame Mug now for only $12.66!

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