Dell Inspiron Duo – The New Convertible Tablet

Most geeks nowadays love gadgets with intuitive touch screen. This is especially true when they’re looking for cell phones and tablets. However, there are also times when there’s a need for them to do some typing. Hence, it is wise to get something that’s capable of offering you the best of both worlds. And that’s what Dell Inspiron Duo is. It is a touch-sensitive, flash-capable, convertible tablet with innovative flip design, allowing you to switch from touch to type mode in just a few seconds.

The Dell Inspiron Duo offers almost everything you expect from a tablet. It’s sleek and easy to hold and it is small and portable enough to be carried just about anywhere you want to go. Isn’t it perfect for geeks who love to travel? Contributing to its smart design is Duo’s intuitive touch screen and Stage software which provides you with easy access to your photos, movies, and music. With the tablet’s 10.1-inch HD multitouch display, you can have a great viewing have a great viewing experience.

Moreover, you can turn your Inspiron Duo into digital picture frame, an alarm clock, or even a music player with its optional Audio Station featuring JBL speaker technology. Since it is fully Flash-capable, you can view your multimedia the way it was made. The Inspiron Duo also allows you to multitask with its powerful Intel dual-core Atom processor N550. You can get through your everyday tasks speedily with its Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium and 2 GB of RAM. And, with its 1.3 MP Webcam and microphone, you can share life with your loved ones in real time. Interested? Then purchase the Dell Inspiron Duo at Amazon now.

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