Dell Aero on AT&T

You must have already heard about the long long rumored Android phone that Dell will ship in the US. While it is true that Dell created an Android phone called the Mini3, it has only been released in China and Brazil. Now, a teaser release has been posted that the much awaited phone from Dell is lightest of them all and is to be available soon on the AT&T.

The Aero got its name from its positioning as the lightest Android phone out in the market. This would probably another marketing strategy of catching the teen market whose pants seem to get tighter with not much room for a phone. Anyway, as compared to the Mini3, the Aero will have WiFi and an updated skin to boot. The camera has also been upgraded from 3 to 5 megapixels with autofocus so pictures will come out clear. Customizations include integrated events syncing into the calendar. Therefore, if you RSVP on an event in your Facebook, it would also automatically appear in your calendar.

The 3.5″ nHD display has capacitive touch screen and will sport a 640×360 resolution. You can take advantage of the large screen by having a full PC browsing experience through the Flash-Lite support enabling you to enjoy streaming audio or video.

The fastest 3G network is good as well. But the lightest Android smartphone? Let’s just hope that it wouldn’t feel too much of a plastic or one that would easily break.

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