Cypress Hover Detection Technology Anticipates the Touch of a Finger on Touchscreen Moile Device

Just like mobile phones that use ordinary keypads, the number of mobile devices with touchscreen technology also increases. They only differ in the exterior, features, and additional functions but the bottom line is – you all do it with a touch of a finger. However, concepts and ideas do not end there. Cypress Semiconductor Corp. revolutionizes the world of mobile touchscreen technology with the use of hover detection. This truly sets them apart from scores of touchsreen products in the market today.

When it comes to touchscreen technology, hover detection is the new wave. Inspired by TrueTouch, this feature works by sensing or predicting a touch of finger. As the finger gets closer to the screen, a corresponding circle on the screen varies in size to show that it detects the floating finger. The hover detection also expands the web content like positions on the map and even able to enlarge the font of tiny web links. This means you can easily search, select, and touch these small details compared to other touchscreen mobiles devices. The hover detection imitates the “mouse-over” function thus making handset navigation and use of applications easier and more precise.

Aside from hover detection technology, Cypress also offers a very thin passive stylus support for a tip measuring to 1 mm. This makes navigating and controlling mobile applications a lot faster and uncomplicated. In addition, the TrueTouch range utilizes different touch features like single-touch, multitouch, and multitouch all-point function.

Hover your mouse and see more details here.

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