CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker – Can Be Your Best Outdoor Buddy

Do you love camping, hiking, boating, cycling, and other outdoor activities? How about listening to your favorite tunes while doing any of these? If you say yes to both, then you must have encountered one frustrating problem when you listen to music while doing outdoor activity at the same time – and that is fiddling with buttons and fixing your earphones or headphones in place. It’s true, buttons for changing tracks or adjusting volume and earphones constantly getting out of place can take the fun out of your outdoor experience. But you can always get the most out of hiking, boating, cycling, and camping while listening to your favorite tunes at the same time. The solution – the CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker.

Basically, the main difference of this device to other speakers is that you can control the volume and select tracks on the speaker itself. No need to reach for your iPod to do so, thus you don’t have to fiddle with those buttons too. Simply plug the audio transmitter into your iPhone or iPod, turn your speaker on, and you’re ready to roll. Not roll as in roll away, but simply do your outdoor thing, less the hassle. If you want to go cycling, just attach the CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker to your bike handlebar and you’re off to a cycling experience that will sure be more convenient.

So don’t tire yourself fumbling with your iPod and fiddling with those buttons just to enjoy great music while doing your favorite outdoor activity. Make the Cy-Fi Wireless Sports Speaker for iPod (Red)your best outdoor buddy. Get one now!

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