CyberPower Desktop Gaming PCs Now Offered with New AMD Phenom II X6 CPUs in a Good Deal!

When talking about gaming PCs, it’s not just about how your PC’s exterior expresses you as a real gamer but the components you bring together to form a true gaming machine. Good news for PC enthusiasts because CyberPower now releases desktop gaming PCs featuring the latest AMD Phenom II X6 and AMD 890 chipset and starts under $700! This multi-core desktop delivers higher multi-tasking performance and improved power-saving technology that is definitely a feat of every gamer out there.

Getting the benefit of AMD  Phenom II X6 CPU are CyberPower’s Gamer Dragon CrossFire Ultimate and Gamer Ultra CrossFireX Pro gaming desktops. All of these gaming series will be upgraded to this six-core AMD CPU, can be factory overclocked by CyberPower, and can be customized with a wide array of choices for hard drive and/or SSD, memory, optical drive, as well as other peripheral parts. The AMD Phenom II Hex Core systems allow you to easily configure it using your preferred motherboards from Gigabyte, MSI, and Asus. Additionally, the CyberPower Phenom II X6 gaming series is pre-loaded with a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system and backed by 3-year limited warranty.

Aside from enhancing your gaming and multimedia experience, the integrated AMD Phenom II X6 CPU uses a Turbo Core Technology that delivers six genuine cores at 3.2 GHZ ideal for running advanced applications or three turbocharged at 3.6GHz, perfect for processing raw speed applications. The intense performance is even highlighted when you pair the Hex Core system with a 5800 and up ATI Radeon video card or a DX11 ATI Radeon video card. That would give you a competition level of performance and frame rates especially on latest games.

Currently with up to $500 on discounts and rebates. Custom build your dream gaming pc now!

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