Creative ZEN Style Series

People loved the Creative ZEN XiFi for its superb sound quality. The name of the model came from the XiFi technology that restores an audio track’s original sound that compression removed in the process. Though the particulars can be unheard by an untrained ear, a professional can definitely notice the difference. From a company that produced audio equipments before advancing into music players, Creative certainly knows how to deal with audio technicalities.

The ZEN XiFi Style is one of the new Style Series music players with the two others named ZEN Style 300 and ZEN Style 100. As you might have thought, the Style in its name came from the new design on the casings. Out are the polished white or black style and in goes the carbon fiber looks in different colors.

The ZEN XiFi is a cheaper version of the Xi-Fi 2. If the latter has touch screen controls and a 3″ screen, the Style is called a less expensive version with a 2.4″ screen sans the touch capability. When you get bored with your playlist, there is an FM radio so you can listen to other people talking. An integrated loud speaker enables you to share your music and the recorder function would always be handy.

Zen 300 and Zen 100 are identical players until you see what’s inside. The 300 has an FM radio, speakers, and that’s about it.They both have a 1.8″ screen which can display videos and pictures, a voice recorder, and mini organizer with calendar and time.

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