Creative Digital FM Radio X-8 – Plug and Play

Ever experienced getting bored listening to the usual playlist from your laptop or personal computer? If yes, perhaps you used your other gadget with FM radio feature so you can enjoy a variety of music. But what if you don’t have a separate gadget with FM radio feature? Chances are you’ll settle on listening to your usual list of songs or download new MP3s. But why go through so much hassle if you can easily equip yourself with this plug and play Creative Digital FM Radio X-8.

The Creative Digital FM Radio X-8 is an ultra-compact FM radio receiver module that easily plugs to your PC or laptop so you can enjoy listening to various FM songs anytime, anywhere. It features digital tuning with Autoscan and 3 easy storage and access station presets. The Autoscan feature detects the strongest radio stations near your area, so in seconds, you can listen to your favorite local station playing your all-time favorite hits.

Now, if you want to go portable with this product, well just pair it with a Creative MuVo NX/TX Battery Module. It provides over 20 hours of playback time, just enough to get you grooving or singing over in your living room.

So, what’s included in the package? Well, you’ll get of course the Creative Digital FM Radio X-8, a quick start guide, and a warranty and technical support leaflet.

Really there isn’t much to fuss about when you get bored listening to your usual playlist. Simply plug and play the Creative Digital FM Radio X-8 and you’re off to enjoying the latest radio hits without the hassle. Get one now!

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