Creating Everybody’s Headphone via the Crowdsourcing Headphone Project

They say you can’t please everybody. This concept works even when it comes to new gadgets. No matter how perfect an innovation is, there will always be negative comments about it. Well, the best solution here would be to adhere to what the majority likes. And when it comes to the design of new technological devices, that is now being employed – through a process called crowdsourcing. And, one of the newest products of this new system is a headphone/headset concept, a product of the Crowdsourcing Headphone Project.

This new headphone combines functionality, style, and even environmental friendliness. It has a classic bow headphone design and it has an integrated ear muff for those days when the weather’s too cold. The muff is made from a soft material, and that same material is used in the pad incorporated on the headphone to cushion your head – no discomfort caused by any hard object poking on your head while you groove to the beat and bang your head in the air. The said materials are also colored light green, so the device looks more natural. The headphone is of the Bluetooth wireless type, making it more advanced than many of the headsets you’ll find today.

So how did Stefan Kachaunov, Rudolf Stefanich, and Martin Zopf came up with this headphone through crowdsoucing? Well, the team asked for ideas from numerous individuals and then ranked these ideas to determine what people want most from a headphone. The people’s opinions were the basis for this design concept, and the process proved effective as seen by this unique and innovative headphone.

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