Cordless Wall Charger – Charges Your iPhone Anytime

So you have a number of 30-pin cables for recharging your iPhone or iPod. But are they all available anytime and anywhere you need to recharge your much-loved device? You sure won’t bring them with you every time you leave the house because of the clutter they make inside your bag, right? They also look such a mess in your kitchen countertop. This is the reason why the Cordless Wall Charger is made. It is designed for fast iPod and iPhone charging without making any clutter in your bag or in your house. It is compact and it has a neat feature so it looks so beautiful.

But what will make you like this wall charger even more is its pivoting feature. Yes, you read it right! It pivots! And by pivoting, you can slide the device in place without squabbling. More power is also delivered into your gadget since you are charging directly from the wall socket. This also means faster recharge compared when you connect your gadget to the USB port in your computer. You also don’t have to worry about spilling something on your phone because you will no longer place it on the table or countertop; you just have to mount it to the outlet instead.

This Cordless Wall Charger is compatible with iPhone (Original, 3G, 3GS), iPod Touch (original – 2nd generation), iPod Classic, iPod Nano (1st-5th generation). So if you own one or some of these gadgets, you better click here and get yourself a Cordless Wall Charger now!

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